Syllabus for Post Graduate Diploma in Business

DB 1101 General Management

The central purpose of this course emphasizes to enhance awareness of the impact of management practices on achieving desired results, to broaden understanding of managerial process and its functions, to develop leadership, motivation, communication, teamwork and decision-making skills, and to identify and discuss the emerging management trends.

DB 1102    Macroeconomics Environment

This course deals with the condition that exists in the economy as a whole and uses in the attainment of policy objectives such as economic growth, price stability and full employment. Emphasis will be placed on designing appropriate policy to achieve desired policy goals. In general, it includes trends in gross domestic product (GDP), spending, monetary and fiscal policy, inflation and unemployment, the economy in the short run and long run, the open economy, growth theory and business cycle theory.

DB 1103  Business Statistics 

The objective of this course is to understand the concepts and methods of business statistics and to apply those in real world problem. Topics include the types of data, level of measurements, Describing data: frequency distributions, graphical presentation. Numerical measures: measures of location and measures of dispersion for raw data and grouped data, Basic concepts of probability: some discrete probability distribution: binomial and Poisson. Some continuous probability distribution: normal. Sample Techniques and Determination of sample sizes, Estimation and Hypothesis testing for population mean & population proportion, Linear regression and correlation: Time Series Analysis and forecasting: moving average method, Exponential smoothing method and seasonal variation, Index numbers: Laspeyres, Passches and Fisher’s price index, quantity index and consumer price index.

DB 1104 Legal Framework for Business

         Law of Contract, Laws relating to Sale of Goods Act, Law of Employment, Investment Law and Other Related Laws, Myanmar Special Economic Zones Law, Law of Business Organizations, Law of Banking, Intellectual Property Law, Negotiable Instruments Act, Laws relating to Industrial Environment.

DB 1105 Management Accounting and Financial Management

Management Accounting provides to understand the concepts and principles involved in the preparation and use of financial information and reports, both externally and internally. You also need to understand the significance of financial information as an input to decision making. The course is not designed to make you into an accountant and it is designed to give you an overview of the processes involved, help you understand financial statements and come to terms with what is frequently a difficult and confusing terminology. Financial Management is an introduction to the theory and practice of financial management. It is to develop both a financial manager and financial manager-to-be, who can make effectively practical financial decision. To achieve this goal, the course is constructed comprehensive and practical in its topical coverage.

DB 1106  Marketing Management

This course aims to provide the participants to understand holistic marketing and the breadth and interdependencies of marketing environment. This course emphasizes the four major marketing insights on internal marketing, integrated marketing, relationship marketing and performance marketing.

DB 1107 Production and Operations Management

This course emphasizes to identify and develops an understanding of the major problem in the design, planning and control of productive systems and illustrates the interdependence of production/operations decisions and management and distribution, operations planning, quality control and maintenance.

DB 1108  Human Resources Management

This course aims are to define the vital of human resources management and its relationship to a network of other processes, to promote an understanding of the strategies and operating practices of planning, organizing and controlling of human resources, to develop skills for effective utilization of human resources and for the handling of human resources issue in the national and international context.

DB 1109 International Business Management

This course is intended to provide the knowledge upon the nature of international business activities, how do they differ from activities of domestic businesses, how do the international businesses conduct the business functions such as manufacturing, human resources management, accounting, operations and marketing in various host countries. Moreover, student can study the relevant competitive strategies for international businesses.

This course includes general overview on international businesses, differences among cultural environments of various countries, political and legal environments of countries, marketing function of international firms, human resources function of international firms, finance function of international firms, and supply chain management at the international firms.

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